jeudi 1 décembre 2011

Early Taste of Winter...

Petra Collins
Alison Scarpulla Free Bliss
First winter frosts,mittens and wool socks,the cheeks blushed and whipped by the Wind from the North....
When hot mulled wine and the scent of Christmas biscuits begin to enhance the atmosphere....
Winter is fast approaching....

Premiers frimas,mitaines et bas de laine,les joues rosies et fouettées par le vent du Nord....
Lorsque les effluves du vin chaud et des biscuits de Noël commencent à imprégner l'atmosphère...
L'Hiver approche à grand pas....

Ruhnay Ackerman
Ruhnay Ackerman
Sophie Wedgwood
Ana Cabaleiro Coquinete
Emilie 79
Ana Cabaleiro
Zuzana mitošinková
Zuzana mitošinková
Sina Kauri
Christian Espejel
Sofia Ajram
Courtney Brooke
Michela Heim
Laura Makabresku
Courtney Brooke
Veronika Anna
One of my Pictures
Ana Cabaleiro
Jenny Palombari Fleur de mûre
Brandon Long

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  1. my dear! thank you that I found here :))) only ... Link with my picture does not work ... :( Beautiful selection!

  2. My dear talented Veronika,I just verified the link,and now all is alright!
    I love so much your photostream,and especially this picture,so I absolutely wanted to share your wonderful work <3